Indian River Trading Company has all of the dock and marine accessories needed for a summer in Muskoka.
    Our selection includes:  

    Boat Fenders

    Tuff End Buoys  

    -Available in White and Red 
    -Sizes: 9in, 12in, 15in, 18in 

    Dock Corner Bumpers
    Corner Bumpers 
    Dock Wheels

    Dock Wheels
    Dock Bumper p shapedDock Edging Double D

    Dock Edging 

    -Available in White and Black 
    -P Shaped Bumper 
    -Double D shaped bumper

    Dock rings

    Dock Rings 
    flip up dock cleats

    Flip-Up Cleats 
    mooring ropes

    Mooring Ropes 
    Life Rings
    Life Rings 

    Available in White and Red 

    flare gun

    Flare Guns
    safety whistle

    Safety Whistles 
    Boating Safety Kit

    Boating Safety Kits 

    More In-store

    Ropes      Cleats      Navigation Lights       Dock Ladders       
    Fire Extinguishers       Mooring Whips       Anchors       Spot Lights       
    Boat cleaning Accessories       Oars and Paddles      And more…